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Bradley, Solstice Farm

With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it’d be a good time to go visit Bradley’s farm. In exchanged for our cooked barley, he brings us fresh vegetables every week! Bradley takes our “spent grain” and winery grape pressings to make compost for his fields. Below you can see a picture of his free range chickens wandering over for a closer inspection…




When Amanda & I started this adventure nearly 6 years ago, I never dreamed there would be such a boom in American Whiskey. Our vision was always to bring the rich traditions of Irish and Scottish whiskey making home. Amanda’s family is Irish, and our last name, Swift, traces back to a Scottish mail courier. Having both been born in Texas, we wanted to grow the tradition here so we started our little distillery on 3 ½ acres in the Hill Country…



Good to the Last Drop

This past weekend, the family came in town to help us with our 4th bottling!  We had a whole sherry casks worth to hand bottle.  My father-in-law, Gene, was a machine pushing in 875 corks by hand (4 Advil, some ointment, plus a good night’s sleep and he was better come morning)…