Hello Everyone,

Swift Single Malt is in the news. This has been a great week for Nick and I, we have had two mentions in the news this week.

The first was from Texas Monthly, who included us in a story about what to drink when it’s cold outside. I am not sure what the weather is like for the rest of you, but it’s cold and rainy here in Dripping Springs, so I am looking forward to trying out some of the recommendations on the list.

And the second article is from the Examiner.com. The first half of the Examiner story was posted today which includes some information about the flavor of the whiskey and how to make some cocktails out of it.   I personally am a big cocktail fan, and think these are really fun, plus the article gives you great instructions on how to make the cocktails.  There will be a follow up to this story coming soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Stay warm and dry folks,


Update:  The second part of the Examiner.com story is up.