Hey Everyone,

Nick and I have always appreciated good food and good drinks, it’s a big part of the way we got into the whiskey making business. One of our favorite places is Licha’s Cantina in Austin. Our good friend Daniel is the mastermind behind this place.

The food is truly amazing. My personal favorite is the Alambre tacos and pretty much everything else on the menu.  Daniel was kind enough to create a special cocktail for us. The recipe is as follows:

La Guerra

1 ½ oz Swift Single Malt Texas Whiskey

½ oz damiana liqueur

1 ½ oz pineapple juice

½ oz milk

1 oz egg white

3 Dashes of lemon-orange bitters

Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker, give it a good shake and then garnish with a lemon twist.

Until Next Time,


P.S. Just in case you were not aware gray foxes are great climbers. While I was writing this I noticed one of our resident foxes up in a tree, right out the back of our office window.