Amanda & I learned more about distilling from the Yoichi Distillery than anywhere else in Japan.  So, when it came time to add another still, we looked to them for inspiration!  Yoichi’s stills are coal heated running much hotter than many of todays’ setups.  Their stills’ neck are also wider and elongated.  We’ve modified the original design of our new hand-hammered still in their homage, and will be heating them over direct fire.

yoichi stills


Almost 100 years ago Masataka, the founder of modern Japanese whiskey, traveled to Scotland to learned their craft.  He attended the university of Glasgow and return married to the love of his life Rita…  Amanda & I are one of many small distilleries, but it’s hard to be at Yoichi and not feel a connection to the place and their story.

masataka rita

Japan’s largest whiskey distilleries, Suntory and Nikka, vary their larger stills to achieve different flavor notes.  They then balance these notes in their smaller polishing still before aging.  With the addition of our 3rd still we’re excited to introduce the same practice balancing additional notes of malt, fruit and floral tones.

Thank you for your support & helping us bring these traditions back home!