It’s always been a dream of Amanda & mine to make a Sauternes whiskey.  When we started out several years back the barrels were out of our reach; they cost too much, no one wanted to deal with an unknown distillery, and there was the language barrier.  With so much support for our Sherry finish, we started saving up to travel to France and meet with the winemakers.  Fortunately, Amanda’s a better planner between the two of us. When we arrived in Bordeaux’s countryside the people were as friendly and hardworking as those back home in Texas.  Having the opportunity to visit several sauternes vineyards, we were thrilled to find a wine that paired perfectly with our single malt whiskey!



Jérôme oversaw the vineyards and chateau where we stayed, and spoke fluent English. I had attempted to learn some French in the months leading up to our trip, but apparently was rendered incomprehensible by my Southern accent.  We walked their vineyards with Hélène and were awestruck by the beauty and intense labour that went into the production of their wines.  After visiting their cellars we were able to select barrels made of French Oak by French cooperages.  Their craftsmanship is remarkable, and inspires me to continue learning to cooper.   


A few months later Amanda and Jérôme were able to arrange shipment.  Our journey has been a success now that the barrels are aging with single malt.  Sweet notes of apricot, a floral tones, and hint of salinity are rapidly developing, and Amanda and I can’t wait to share!  Look for our Sauternes release this holiday, Winter 2016.

Greatly appreciate your support,