Hello Everyone,

Good news from Swift Distillery, our second bottling is starting to pop up on shelves!

Bottling time is a very busy time for us, and we must bring in some help, aka my mom and dad. Keeping with the theme of handmade, things are hand bottled at Swift Distillery.

We have a six bottle machine, which you can see Nick running, that is gravity fed so each bottle must be placed under a spout and filled up.


Next the bottles are moved over to the corking and shrink-wrapping station. There my dad, Gene, puts each cork in by hand and places a shrink-wrap capsules over the whiskey to seal in the freshness.


After that the bottles are sent down my way where I put a label on and my mom, Janet, hand writes the distillation date of the bottle.


And finally they are put in cases of 6 and placed on a pallet, and on their way for you all to enjoy.

One of the unique features of all our bottles is the distillation date written on the label. This date represents the date the whiskey was distilled and placed into a barrel to begin the aging process. Each bottling will have a different date. Our first bottling will have the date 9/5/2013 and our second bottling will have the date 10/9/2013. So keep a look out for the different dates.

Until Next Time,