Hello Everyone,

Nick and I are pleased to announce we received a 95 rating from Wine Enthusiast. We are always so happy to hear people enjoy our Single Malt. It inspires us to keep working hard to make more whiskey for you guys. Speaking of making more whiskey, we just filled our 9th sherry barrel.


Our 500L sherry barrels come directly from the Bodega in Jerez Spain, where they have previously held Oloroso Sherry. It takes 2-3 bourbon barrels to fill 1 sherry barrel, so transferring the single malt is an interesting process. As with any handmade product you get slight variations in the flavor so it is important make sure the barrels are balanced. We look for bourbon barrels that have a good balance of malt and sprightliness with notes of vanilla and toasted oak, before we transfer the single malt to the sherry barrel.


Once all the single malt is transferred out of the bourbon barrels, we flip them over onto a stainless bucket and let all the remaining alcohol run out. We try not to waste a drop!


Until next time,